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Tremors Rock With Some Crazy Lyrics

Tremors Rock With Some Crazy Lyrics

Who: The Tremors
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Sunday September 19, 2004

SOMETIMES you can find inspiration at in the most obscure places.

Take Brisbane band THE TREMORS for example.

While recording its debut album, Cash Up Front, No Kissing , at BIG JESUS BURGER studios in Surry Hills, the band paid a visit to the laundromat.

While waiting for their washing, each member browsed through the old copies of Dolly and Girlfriend. ``We were reading through the sections like Dolly Doctor and all the things that young girls write in to the magazine,'' ELANOR LOGAN said.

Reading those magazines resulted in the album's first single Bad Teenage Poetry which, like many of its tracks, takes an off- beat approach to songwriting.

Songs such as Gutter For Two, Instant Coffee and Underage Girls, Average Underwear are all prime examples.

Tremors vocalist, keyboard and bass player Logan, who also plays in all-girl punk outfit GAZOONGA ATTACK, said the band's unusual lyrics could partly be due to the past career of frontman and songwriter GEOFF CORBETT. ``Up until recently, Geoff worked as a carer for mental patients so I guess he has a bit of a warped mind sometimes,'' Logan said.

``He writes crazy lyrics but he's very clever.'' The Tremors, comprising Corbett, Logan, guitarist DAN BAEBLER and drummer CEC CONDON enlisted producer JONBOYROCK to work on the album.

``We knew he knew he could capture the sound we were after,'' Logan said.

``We wanted a stripped-back album but really abrasive. I don't think we could have come up with the sounds we have without him.'' After supporting POWDERFINGER last year, The Tremors return to Newcastle to play the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Sunday.

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