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Eskimo Joe Is A  Hit From The Heart

Eskimo Joe Is A Hit From The Heart

Who: Eskimo Joe, Dogs Die In Hot Cars
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Sunday September 19, 2004

ESKIMO JOE looks set to have another hit on its hands with Older Than You .

It will be the third single lifted from the band's platinum-selling sophomore album, A Song Is A City , and is to be released next month.

The band is on the road again for a brief run of dates and will perform at NEWCASTLE PANTHERS on Sunday with support from UK outfit DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS. Older Than You boasts a stellar list of tracks with the single plus three tracks recorded live for TRIPLE J's Live At The Wireless program.

The tune was penned by the band's vocalist, bass player and songwriter KAV TEMPERLEY after he broke up with his long- time girlfriend.

``I'd just split up with my girlfriend of four years and had gone over to Melbourne to meet up with a girl who I guess was one of the catalysts for the break-up,'' Temperley said.

``Nothing had happened but that window was there.

``We met up and the thing that I really appreciated about her is that she was a couple of years younger than me but her eyes were like the eyes of an old soul.

``So it's the story of us meeting up over there, but I held back because it didn't seem right to simply jump from one relationship to the next.

``I have to trust in existence.

``It's a continuing story.'' The video for Older Than You was shot in Sydney's Hyde Park this month by director NASH EDGERTON, who previously directed Eskimo Joe's Liar film clip.

Older Than You will be released on October 3.

Tickets are on sale at the club.

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