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Small Face Gives Even A Real Kick

Small Face Gives Even A Real Kick

Who: Even, Speedstar
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Friday September 3, 2004

MELBOURNE band EVEN has always proudly worn its influences on its sleeve.

THE ROLLING STONES, THE WHO and DAVID BOWIE are among the classic acts that have influenced the trio to produce the feel-good pop that has earned it a faithful following over the past decade.

So when Even had the chance to record with former SMALL FACES member IAN McLAGAN on its new album, Free Kicks, it was a dream come true.

Touring Australia with BILLY BRAGG, McLagan leapt at the chance when Even asked if he would add Hammond organ to some tracks on the album.

``Nothing will ever match that experience,'' singer, songwriter and guitarist ASHLEY NAYLOR said.

``Some things I couldn't believe he was saying.

``He was drawing parallels with the energy level that day and the energy level recording with the Small Faces in the '60s.'' Free Kicks was recorded at a variety of locations and began during a trip to the UK.

Naylor said tracks like Coming Back To Earth, Now Or Ever Again and Old Before My Time were snapshots of the band's time in London.

`` Peasant Bar was written after we saw [David] Bowie in London,'' Naylor said.

``Courtney from the Dandy Warhols referred to the bar we were in as the Peasant Bar 'cause we didn't have enough after-show stickers to get into the inner sanctum.'' Free Kicks is Even's fourth album of new material and follows the release of last year's compilation album The Street Press Years .

Although Rolling Stone applauded the album, describing it as ``a collection of 15 straight number ones from a parallel universe'', Even is yet to really get purchase on the charts.

``Chart positions are not something we lose sleep over,'' Naylor said.

Even will play the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Friday night with SPEEDSTAR.

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