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Fans Cop The Cowbell

Fans Cop The Cowbell

Who: The Cops, The Red Riders, Todd Sparrow
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Thursday November 11, 2004

WHEN SIMON ``CARTEL'' CARTER began recording songs in his parents' basement, there was a good chance no one would ever hear his hip-swivelling rock'n'roll tunes.

It wasn't until Carter sat down with his bass-playing friend BECK DARWON, of FYREFLYES fame, and offered to play her his demos that THE COPS were born.

``One day Simon asked if I'd like to hear some of his demos I didn't even know he had any so he put them on and they were awesome,'' Darwon said.

``I told him we should start a band and it was funny because he didn't think they were any good but I thought they were great!'' There was one request Beck only wanted to be in the band if it was called The Cops.

''I've always just thought The Cops would be a really funny name for a band so that was my one condition,'' Darwon said.

The pair snooped around the Sydney music scene and recruited guitarists JIMMY STACKS and ANDREW GILBERT, and BIG HEAVY STUFF drummer NICK KENNEDY to complete the line-up.

Things have moved quickly for the band since its formed last last year with the release of an EP, which is already into its second pressing, and the debut album, Stomp on Tripwires. An increasing tour schedule has kept The Cops on the road, with recent support slots placing the band on the same bill as DALLAS CRANE and THE VON BONDIES. In that time The Cops have built a reputation as one of Australia's most energetic live acts, particularly with Carter's memorable rock-out performances on the cowbell.

``The cowbell is great,'' Darwon laughed.

``It's funny because Simon just bought a new cowbell `cause the one that he's had for years got all rusty and when he beat it with his drumstick, all the paint chipped off. lw-7 ``So he got a new one the other day and he was playing it in rehearsal but it just didn't sound right. ``He was a bit upset, so he covered it in gaffer tape and apparently it's OK now.'' After rocking the stage at SHOWDOWN AT SUNDOWN last month, The Cops return to play at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Thursday, November 11 with THE RED RIDERS and TODD SPARROW. The Cops also play HOMEBAKE at THE DOMAIN on Saturday, December 4.

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