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Mylo Makes A Mark On The Floor

Mylo Makes A Mark On The Floor

Who: Mylo
Where: King Street Hotel
When: Wednesday November 24, 2004

IT is likely that Scottish dance music producer MYLO has left many of his contemporaries green with envy.

While many have spent years tinkering away in the studios in the hope of turning out dance floor favourites, Mylo's career has flourished in the space of a few years.

Only three years after buying his first computer, his debut record Destroy Rock and Roll was released on a label he helped create and soon found himself dubbed ``one to watch for 2004'' by British music magazine NME. Destroy Rock and Roll has been heralded as one of the great dance albums, drawing comparisons to classic albums such as AIR'S Moon Safari and DAFT PUNK'S Homework .

``I guess I wouldn't have been able to make a deep, inaccessible dance record because at the time I made this I didn't know enough about dance music,'' Mylo, whose real name is MYLES MACINNES, said.

``I just made something that would appeal to me which was kind of simple and fun.'' Before he made his mark on the international dance scene, Mylo was on a PhD scholarship at UCLA.

He decided to take a break from the course and moved back home to Scotland where he started experimenting and working on his own music.

With influences ranging from 1970s act STEELY DAN and '80s soft-rockers TOTO to new producers like AKUFEN and CHICKEN LIPS, it is no wonder Mylo's offerings are so diverse.

``I don't know much about genres.

``To me, a good record is a good record, and that's it.'' In 2001 he moved to Glasgow, marking the point at which things really started to happen for him.

After sending out a couple of demos of his work, he received a few offers from interested labels.

``I guess I was quite cocky because of my first demo, which to listen to now is really terrible.

``I made it in about six months and sent it off to a couple of people and got some interest from some labels in London. I thought I was made.'' After looking into the deals he decided to go it alone and, with the backing of a couple of friends, he established his own label, BREASTFED MUSIC. Mylo is in Australia next week for a two-date tour and will play a set at the KING STREET HOTEL on Wednesday, November 24.

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