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Jet is Ready to Take Off

Jet is Ready to Take Off

Who: Jet, The Stands
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Friday May 7, 2004

IT does not take a genius to realise that JET are passionate about 1960s and '70s rock'n'roll.

THE ROLLING STONES, THE EASYBEATS, THE WHO, and THE KINKS are among their favourites.

The Melbourne quartet consisting of NIC CESTER (guitar/vocals), CHRIS CESTER (drums/vocals), CAMERON MUNCEY (guitar/vocals) and MARK WILSON (bass) have begun to win the praise of their idols.

KEITH RICHARDS spoke of his fondness for the band after Jet supported The Rolling Stones on the Australian leg of the FORTY LICKS world tour.

The Who's PETE TOWNSEND was next, personally requesting that Jet appear with his band at the ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL in England in June.

``He rung up the promoters especially looking for us,'' Nic Cester said.

``I have also heard that RONNIE WOOD will be there, so we are looking forward to that one.'' Since it was released in 2003, Jet's debut album Get Born has topped the charts in America, Japan and England.

The single Are You Gonna Be My Girl took first place in the TRIPLE J HOTTEST 100 poll and Jet proved that the world is ready for the so-called ``rock revival''.

Jet has also faced the backlash from critics who claim that the band is cashing in on the rock trend.

Cester has laughed at the criticism, saying that he and his brother Chris grew up in Melbourne on a strict diet of classic rock.

``I couldn't stand stuff like NIRVANA and PEARL JAM, '' Nic said.

``To me that was real slit your wrists music. It didn't relate to this idea of rock'n'roll I had in my head.

``I'd grown up loving The Who, The Easybeats, The Faces and The Stones and these guys were taking music somewhere I didn't want to go.

``They didn't have that feeling in the music that all great bands have got.'' Jet are touring with Liverpool mates THE STANDS on THEE GET WELL GONE REVUE tour which will appear at the BAR ON THE HILL on Friday night.

The show sold out last week.

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