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All The Attributes Of The Greats

All The Attributes Of The Greats

Who: The Tributes
Where: Cardiff Panthers
When: Saturday May 29, 2004

WHEN THE TRIBUTES roll into CARDIFF PANTHERS later this month, their show will feature the classics of ELVIS PRESLEY, THE BEATLES, BUDDY HOLLY and JOHNNY O'KEEFE. But The Tributes are much more than a cover band.

With seemingly limitless energy and enthusiasm, The Tributes present a powerful performance that brings all your favourite musical memories back to life.

With a high regard for the musical ability of the heroes of rock'n'roll, The Tributes are livening audiences around the country.

Unlike a cover band, The Tributes' show features dazzling costumes which evoke the unforgettable images of some of the world's greats.

Although The Tributes perform the show regularly, they insist that they never tire of the music.

``Maybe if they were just straight covers we would,'' The Tributes said.

``But, you know, we're having all sorts of fun with the lyrics and the show, changing them around, keeping it topical and having a laugh.

``It's like we say, we're bringing the legends to life ...'' The Tributes will headline Cardiff Panthers' ROCK'N'ROLL NIGHT on Saturday, May 29.

Doors open at 7.15pm and admission is free.

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