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Get Into Dirty, Grungy House Tracks

Get Into Dirty, Grungy House Tracks

Who: Groove Terminator
Where: King Street Hotel
When: Wednesday March 3, 2004

FEW know the dance floor as well as Sydney's GROOVE TERMINATOR. For more than 20 years he has been honing his skills behind the decks, establishing himself as one of Australia's most recognised DJs.

So who better to pick the biggest dance hits of 2004 than a man who has released a string of hit singles ( One More Time, Here Comes Another One ) and supported the likes of MOBY ? GT has teamed up with duo POXYMUSIC to mix MINISTRY OF SOUND's Clubber's Guide to 2004 album.

Boasting 43 tracks, the album is a bumper guide to this year's biggest tracks and includes tunes by BASEMENT JAXX, JUNIOR JACK, BOB SINCLAIR and DAFT PUNK. According to Poxymusic who mixed disc two of the album the album should extend way beyond 2004.

``After the selection and licensing process was done our aim was to create a CD that had a sense of longevity to it,'' Poxymusic's SAMEER SENGUPTA said.

``We wanted something people will enjoy listening to in years to come.

``We also have a couple of our own re- mixes on there which we're happy with.'' GT will launch Clubber's Guide to 2004 at KING STREET HOTEL tonight from 10pm with support from DJ FUEL and MATT KAVON. He hopes to release a new album by the end of the year to follow up his last album Electryfyin' Mojo.

He said his taste was leaning toward ``dirty, messed-up house tracks''.

``They're grungy and raw which I'm really digging,'' he said.

``There's a lot of really cool stuff happening in breaks and I'm playing a mixture of breaks and house at the funkier end of the spectrum.

``The music is a lot of fun at the moment and I'm really enjoying it I can drop a WHITE STRIPES or RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE track into my set. ``It's all about having a good time.'' "There's a changing of the guard at the moment and you can really feel it.''

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