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Outfit Thrives Doing It Live

Outfit Thrives Doing It Live

Who: The Butterfly Effect, The Grease K, Equinibrium
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday March 4, 2004

ACCORDING to the BUTTERFLY EFFECT 's drummer BEN HALL, you won't catch the band turning down the chance to perform live.

``This band thrives on live work,'' Hall said.

``We hate just sitting around doing nothing. It works for the Butterfly Effect to be playing all the time.'' `It is very much early days for us, and we want to work harder and get better at what we do.'' Since the Butterfly Effect released its debut single Crave in early 2003, the four-piece has maintained a constant tour schedule.

Appearances in Newcastle are frequent and the band has spent the past few months touring with the BIG DAY OUT and attempting to break into the US market.

During a recent trip to the US, the band played at the infamous VIPER ROOM in Los Angeles and rubbed shoulders with some stars.

``It was very interesting to say the least, although I found it all very pretentious,'' Hall said.

``But it was just great to play overseas at such a place.

"After we played, an 80s cover band called METAL SHOP started to play, and a very drunk AVRIL LAVIGNE jumped up and joined them on stage.

``There were also other celebrities there, like the guys from SUM 41, and they also played guest spots.'' The Butterfly Effect formed in 1999 and released its debut album Begins Here in late 2003, earning a strong following of fans across Australia.

Hall said the band ``dislikes hard rock with no melody,'' and is content with establishing a faithful following of fans rather than major commercial success.

``We figure because of the nature of the music we play, we are never going to be commercial radio darlings.

``The only way for us to sell ourselves is to get out and play as much as we can and build up a following that way.'' The Butterfly Effect will play at the BAR ON THE HILL tomorrow night with THE GREASE K and EQUINIBRIUM. An all ages show will also be held at the PALAIS ROYALE YOUTH VENUE from 5.45pm on Friday.

It will feature the band among a host of live bands, hip hop acts and DJs.

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