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Crude And Loving It

Crude And Loving It

Who: Frenzal Rhomb
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday March 18, 2004

FRENZAL RHOMB has never been a band known for its charm.

The four-piece has earned a reputation as Australia's crudest band; so crude that the band has named its latest tour with US punk rockers THE BOUNCING SOULS as the AVASTE YE ARSEHOLES TOUR. The tour will appear at the BAR ON THE HILL tomorrow night and follows the band's recent European tour with the DROPKICK MURPHYS. Frenzal Rhomb is on the road to support the release of its latest album For The Term of Their Unnatural Lives, a ``best of'' collection of rarities.

It features Phil McKellar's remixed version of the classic Dick Sandwich EP and follows the band's last album Sans Souci which included the track Russell Crowe's Band. Lindsay said it was hard to resist the track which was hard to resist recording the track which pokes fun at Crowe's musical venture.

``Jason saw one video clip where Russell was singing about how hard it was living on a working man's wage and trying to pay the rent,'' Lindsay said.

``And then a mate of ours interviewed him for radio and he was going on about how he wanted to be taken seriously as a musician and his movie-star status wouldn't come into it.

``That was all the fuel for the fire we needed.'' And for those who find it difficult to swallow the band's cheeky repertoire, which includes songs such as Let's Drink a Beer and You Are a Knob , Lindsay gives a simple reason for the band's lack of tact.

`Only wankers would bother about trying to be worthy and only humourless bastards would only ever be serious. Seriously.'' Tickets to tomorrow night's gig are available on campus from CONTACT.

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