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Merc Finds Attire To Suit

Merc Finds Attire To Suit

Who: Thirsty Merc, The Camels
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Friday June 11, 2004

WITH a wardrobe that consists of fresh-pressed suits complete with collared shirts and ties, THIRSTY MERC are easily one of the best- dressed bands in Australia.

The band's four members ensure they dress up for every show and since making their mark on the music scene late last year, their attire has attracted almost as much attention as their music.

``Two of them are actually my dad's suits,'' frontman RAI THISTLETHWAYTE said.

``Don't know if we'll keep wearing them forever, but it definitely has helped define a bit of a rock Sinatra kind of image, which is a pretty apt expression of what we're doing.'' Originally from Dubbo but now based in Sydney, Thirsty Merc was formed around 18 months ago by Thistlethwayte, bassist PHIL STACK, guitarist MATT BAKER, and drummer KARL ROBERTSON. Thirsty Merc has built a solid fan base and reputation though their live shows at the HOPETOUN and ANNANDALE HOTELS in Sydney.

Evoking a strong similarity to the radio-friendly rock of POWDERFINGER, Thistlewayte said the band aimed to create classic rock.

``We have a lot of similar and a lot of different interests as well, but the similarities come through melodic and classic rock,'' Thistlewayte said.

``Classic rock band like LED ZEPPELIN and melodies like THE BEATLES and WEEZER with a classic '60s edge.'' Wasting Time , the first single from Thirsty Merc's debut EP, First Work , received moderate airplay late last year.

But it is the latest single, Emancipate Myself , that has gained widespread recognition.

Thirsty Merc has begun work on a debut album with producer LINDSAY GRAVINA whose past credits include THE LIVING END and MAGIC DIRT. Thirsty Merc will play at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Friday night with THE CAMELS. Entry costs $8.

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