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Purplene Focus On Production

Purplene Focus On Production

Who: Purplene, Dappled Cities Fly, Tucker B's
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday June 18, 2004

WHEN PURPLENE constantly found itself listening to albums by NIRVANA, THE JESUS LIZARD and THE DIRTY THREE, the band realised it was not just the music it was attracted to, it was the production as well.

The albums boast the wizardry of STEVE ALBINI, a Chicago-based producer who is credited for working on some of the greatest rock albums of the past two decades, including Nirvana's In Utero. So when it came time for Purplene to record its latest self- titled album, the band knew exactly who to ask.

``Right back to the early 1990s and late '80s, we had always associated with bands who had been recorded in a certain way,'' guitarist DAVE LEDLIN said.

``You get to a point when you listen to music all the time that you realise there are one or two dudes who are recording music the way you like to hear it and Steve Albini was one of those persons.'' After sending an email to Albini asking if he would be interested in recording the band, he promptly agreed.

Purplene flew to Chicago where met they Albini at his ELECTRICAL STUDIOS. While many would consider working with one of the heavyweights a little daunting, Ledlin said the band felt quite comfortable.

``Walking into an overseas studio to work with a record engineer who is one of the best in the world is a dream come true but it was never an over-aweing experience.

``We just got in there and it was just like hanging out with one of your mates.

``It was a great learning experience and his knowledge is second to none.'' Purplene was in the studio for nine days after spending the months beforehand perfecting the intricate instrumentation found on the album.

Ledlin said refining the band's sound had remained an important part of the creative process.

``We spend a lot of time making the music that we make and we don't really introduce a song into our live set or record it until its gone through a six month incuubation period.

``We like to make things work well for us and that often involves a lot of time working out song structures and little bits here and there.'' Purplene - whose members all originate from Newcastle - will launch their album with a national tour starting in Newcastle at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL on Friday with DAPPLED CITIES FLY and TUCKER B'S.

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