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Glory in the Power of Splendour

Glory in the Power of Splendour

Who: Vanlustbader
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Saturday August 7, 2004

BRISBANE band VANLUSTBADER will perform at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL tomorrow night before heading north to make an appearance at SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS. In keeping with the festival spirit of the event, we asked Vanlustbader's SHANE a few questions in the lead-up.

Vanlustbader will join the likes of FRANZ FERDINAND, THE DISSOCIATIVES, SPIDERBAIT and DIZZEE RASCAL at Byron Bay on July 24 and 25.

Splendour In the Grass is sold out.

Before you play Splendour, where will you be: Geebung in Brisbane. The epicentre of cultural Australasia and home to Sausage McGinty's Family Pie House.

Bands playing the bill you recommend your fans check out: Even if I just saw these six this weekend I would be well happy Electric Six, DKT/ MC5, Ash, Money Mark, Hilltop Hoods and Ozomatli.

Your favourite food items to make perfect camping fodder: Don't get too fancy. I'll just be taking two items Spam and a frypan.

Festival performance you won't forget and why: Rocket From the Crypt at Glastonbury.

Very muddy and rainy. They divided the crowd in two from the stage to the back of the field and created a giant slide while they were playing.

Three festival tips you should always remember while attending Splendour In the Grass: 1. Don't ever rely on your mobile phone to contact your friends. Take walkie talkies they're blindingly good. 2. Take a watermelon to wear on your head. This seems to be popular among large groups of males. If you make friends with them (which naturally you will want to) you will feel really stupid when you don't have your own head melon. 3. Do as much poo as you can in your own toilet on the morning you leave. If you've never been to a festival before, your life will change this weekend my friend.

If you could share a tent with anyone who would it be and why: It wouldn't be anyone I like. I'm a firm believer in not meeting your heroes.

They are highly likely to be total wankers. I would pick someone I don't like. Maybe the Timberlake boy and I'd snore all night and hog all the room, generally foul the air, trash talk him in my sleep.

Then I'd find out that he's actually a really nice fella.

Favourite campfire song to sing: KISS God Gave Rock and Roll to Ya .

What would you like to see while in Byron: I would like to see a dolphin and a shark fight.

What's next for you: Into my bedroom for an unhealthy amount of time to do pre- production for our first album then into the studio.

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