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Lang Likened to Idols

Lang Likened to Idols

Who: Jeff Lang
Where: Morrow Park Bowling Club
When: Tuesday September 7, 2004

GROWING up as a kid desperate to master the guitar, JEFF LANG looked up to many of music's greats.

SKIP JAMES, JIMI HENDRIX, BOB DYLAN and RY COODER were just a few of the names Lang idolised as he tried to master their skills.

Now a fully fledged guitar virtuoso himself, Lang has begun to garner reviews which liken him to his idols.

It's a humbling experience for Lang, and one that he has only just begun to learn to accept.

``You have got to be humble in the face of that because to me those people are like the backdrop for me,'' Lang said.

``They're looking over my shoulder in my mind and you never live up to the way you look at your influences, you know, the people who you really respect. ``You never really live up to them in your own mind but you have to get over that and just hope that people like what you do.'' Show-stopping performances at festivals as diverse as PORT FAIRY, WOODFORD, BYRON BAY, MUDSLINGER and LIVID have all provided momentum for Lang's 12-year rise to become one of Australia's guitar masters. Lang continues to also clock up kilometres on the tour bus, having recently wrapped up an exhaustive three-month tour during which he travelled across the United States. ``I did a lot of driving in the States,'' he said.

``We gave the hire car back after two months and we had actually added 12,000 miles to the car,'' ``I was playing solo so it was just me with a few guitars and some microphones.'' Lang is back on the road to support the release of his new album Whatever Makes You Happy. Joining him will be the band who backed him on the album, including ANGUS DIGGS on drums, GRANT CUMMERFORD on bass and co-producer TIM HALL on guitar.

Lang will launch Whatever Makes You Happy at SALARIUM at MORROW PARK BOWLING CLUB on Friday night.

Call Salarium on 4961 th5191 for bookings.

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