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Cigars Change Direction

Cigars Change Direction

Who: The Bondi Cigars
Where: Sydney Junction Hotel
When: Friday January 30, 2004

RELENTLESS touring over the past 14 years has earned the BONDI CIGARS a reputation as one of the best live acts in Australia. In 2004 the quartet is set to spend more time on the road following the release of its latest album 12 Lies. Largely renowned as a blues and roots outfit, the album sign ies a change in the band's style by encompassing what it describes as an alt-country feel. ``It's a homogenised blend of rootsy i luences including blues, rhythm and blues, British blues- rock, folk and country,'' bass player ALLAN BRITTON said. ``The many styles are inter- meshed from all members of the band. We made a deal to bring out an album every two years and we've done that.'' This is the band's seventh album release but the first the band has released on its own record label. On the road with 12 Lies , nteThe Bondi Cigars will perform at the SYDNEY JUNCTION HOTEL on Friday. Entry is $8. Britton said that although the band continues to tour, its schedule has calmed down over the years. ``It used to be I'd get home and knock on the door and no-one would recognise me. ``The kids would have grown a few inches, I'd be away for months. These days we still tour a lot but only three or so weeks at a time.'' 12 Lies adds to the band's back catalogue which includes the last album Down In the Valley which was nominated for Best Blues and Roots Album at the 2002 ARIA awards.

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