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Blues Veteran Takes to an Original Road

Blues Veteran Takes to an Original Road

Who: Alice Stuart
Where: Mayfield Hotel
When: Sunday February 8, 2004

FOR more than four decades ALICE STUART has been a quiet achiever.

Since she first picked up the guitar in 1961 and ``didn't do anything else except eat for about a year'', Stuart has been at the forefront of American blues.

JOAN BAEZ, MUDDY WATERS and FRANK ZAPPA are among the legends she has worked alongside while BONNIE RAIT is among the many who count Stuart as a strong i luence.

``I get that all the time people telling me that they listen to my stuff and it gave them hope to do it too,'' Stuart said.

``Bonnie Rait was quoted as being i luenced by me when my first album came out in 1964.

'' Currently on her second tour of Australia, Stuart will headline the 3RD ANNUAL BLUESFEST at the MAYFIELD HOTEL from February 6 to 8 with her band.

The tour follows the release of her new album Can't Find No Heaven , an album which includes re- workings of songs as well as original tunes.

``My next album is going to have almost all my own originals.

``You see, I have a way that whenever I do a tune that someone else wrote, I basically take my own slant on it.

``I write new words to the songs and it's almost like it becomes my own song.

'' After taking a 15-year break away from the music scene to raise her family in the 1980s, Stuart returned in 1996 and has continued performing at clubs and festivals across the US.

Stuart said that her time away from the limelight has allowed her to rediscover her passion for music.

``I think my music has become more blues based.

``I would really call myself blues rock-based at this point.

``When I got back into playing I had this whole new enthusiasm so I started out fresh again and now I feel like I'm much more on point.

``It's pretty clear to me what I want to do and how I want to do it.''

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