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Band Turns Up The Buzz

Band Turns Up The Buzz

Who: Downsyde
Where: Sydney Showgrounds
When: Friday January 23, 2004

WHEN Perth hip hop outfit DOWNSYDE hit the stage, they defy expectations.

Unlike the majority of hip hop outfits, Downsyde prides itself on delivering a live show that relies on much more than turntables and samplers.

``We just love that whole live element,'' Downsyde's DJ ARMEE said.

``It brings a whole new feeling to the show and another reason why we brought in the live thing is because we weren't really accepted .



people don't see a drum kit on stage and a bass, they spin out a bit.

'' Since releasing the debut album Land of the Giants in February 2003, Downsyde has become a staple addition to many of the country's biggest festivals including HOMEBAKE and BIG DAY OUT.

Armee said the six piece outfit takes pride in the fact it can reach a cross section of music fans when it performs at large scale outdoor events.

lw1 ``We're pretty much a festival band.

When we started way back, we got big in Perth by playing things like Big Day Out.

``That's where we go down really well because we've got such a cross over in our live sets.

We do beats and breaks and it fits really well with the festivals.

``We interact a lot with the crowd and because there's so many people on stage and with three MCs, there's just so much energy.

'' Downsyde will perform at Big Day Out at SYDNEY SHOWGROUNDS, January 23-24.

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