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Euphoric Road Ahead for Euphonic

Euphoric Road Ahead for Euphonic

Who: Euphonic
Where: Northern Star Hotel
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Friday February 6, 2004

A HARD slog of touring is ahead for Sydney-based alt-rock trio EUPHONIC as the band prepares for the release of its forthcoming EP.

With the as-yet-untitled EP due out in May, singer-songwriter PAUL CARPENTER said the band aimed to stay on the road touring between Brisbane and Melbourne before its release.

Kicking off in Sydney this weekend, the tour will see Euphonic return to the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Friday night.

It will be the band's first major tour and Carpenter said the band is eager to begin touring on a larger scale.

``We've been playing in Sydney for the past four or five years apart from a few shows in Melbourne and Canberra, but we're just starting to get out there again which is what this tour is for,'' Carpenter said.

``This is our first major tour and we can't wait.'' Euphonic was formed in 1998 by frontman Carpenter with his younger brother BRETT CARPENTER on drums.

Bassist BLAKE ASHBY joined the group soon after and the band has slowly earned itself a faithful fan-base through regular gigging at pubs around Sydney.

``We're finding now that even when we freak out and think we don't know what the room we play will be like and we don't know how many people will turn up, the room is always full now.'' Describing the band's sound as a hybrid of MUSE and FOO FIGHTERS , Carpenter said the band's sound moved between softer stylings to heavy, intense rock.

With previous support slots placing Euphonic alongside the likes of SKULKER, PRIMARY and COG , plans are under way for an overseas trip to play a series of shows in the US.

But first the band wants to focus its attention on creating a fan-base at home.

``Hopefully we'll get over to America if it doesn't get in the way of what we're doing over here.'' Carpenter said the band hoped to start work on an album in 2005.

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