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Loud and Proud

Loud and Proud

Who: 1200 Techniques, Maya Jupiter, Dr Hector And The Funk Sector, Rubix Cuba, The Porkers, Pucko, Mick Hart, The Torpedos, Repercussion, Dj Nervous, Mixxam, Scott Beker
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Friday February 27, 2004

WHEN 1200 TECHNIQUES released their debut album CHOOSE ONE, the band was vocal about being proud of its Australian roots.

The message from the Melbourne hip hop trio which includes NFAMAS, DJ PERIL and KEMSTAR remains the same following the release of its second album CONSISTENCY THEORY.

``Everything about hip hop does come from the US and it's a great thing.

It comes from the city streets where people aren't living well,'' Nfamas said.

``But if you live somewhere else, you need to relate to what you see and talk about it. I'm not talking to someone about meat pies and VBs and stuff, but talking about things day to day.

``At the end of the day Australian hip hop is made by us, for us and anyone else who wants to like it.'' 1200 Techniques have maintained an open mind from day one.

Formed in Melbourne in 1997, the trio embraced a variety of music styles on Choose One by producing a hybrid of electro, funk, rock and hip hop.

When the trio ventured back in to recording at a makeshift studio in a Melbourne home, they returned with an album that was much more musically cohesive.

Hip hop is the dominate sound on the album and is packed with what Nfamas describes as ``phat beats''.

``The sound, the production, is a lot `phatter'.

``It's more of a hip hop- style production. Peril had more equipment this time, so he was able to spend more time. He used to, like, lock himself in solitude and just get it done.'' Unlike Choose One, the new album saw 1200 Techniques enlist the help of numerous collaborators.

Guests included Australian artists KOOLISM and JUPITER, alongside international acts RODNEY P, RASHAAD HAUGHTON (brother of the late R'n'B singer AALIYAH), KRONDON and MOTION MAN.

``We like to try different things all the time, otherwise it would get too boring.

``The members of this act have always been hard on each other, pushing the limits. We do not settle for anything half-hearted.

``The guest thing just sort of happened, with a lot of the artists contacting us to donate their services.'' Although the album was released just over a month ago, it was complete in June 2003 and scheduled for release in October but was pushed back.

But Nfamas concedes that they didn't let it weigh on their minds too much.

``We sat on the first record for, like, four years, so I guess a few months isn't really a big deal. There are people who don't even get to put their records out, so it's cool.'' Waiting for the album's released allowed the band to play at music festivals such as SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS, HOMEBAKE and BIG DAY OUT, and playing live, Nfamas said, is what the band prides itself on.

``Our best work has always been our live shows. We work hard on our live shows. Our live show is better than our music.

``I'll say that first to people: `Yeah, the album's all right, but come check out the show and you'll get it'.'' 1200 Techniques will headline the O'BALL at the UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE on February 27 along with Maya Jupiter, DR HECTOR AND THE FUNK SECTOR, RUBIX CUBA, THE PORKERS, PUCKO, MICK HART, THE TORPEDOS, REPERCUSSION, DJ NERVOUS, MIXXAM and SCOTT BEKER.

Pre-sale tickets are $15 for students or $25 for guests on campus from CONTACT or $25 for students and $30 for guests on the door.

1200 Techniques will also play a DJ set during CHANNEL [V]'s DETOUR at NEWCASTLE FORESHORE PARK on Friday from 4pm.

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