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Mac Attack With Strong Sounds

Mac Attack With Strong Sounds

Who: Fleetwood Mac
Where: Newcastle Entertainment Centre
When: Monday February 16, 2004

IN the 1970s FLEETWOOD MAC made history with the release of such era-defining albums as Fleetwood Mac, Rumours and Tusk. Almost three decades after the band comprising STEVIE NICKS, LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM, CHRISTINE McVIE, MICK FLEETWOOD and JOHN McVIE formed, Fleetwood Mac continues to rock.

Its latest offering Say You Will was released in 2003 and has paved the way for a world tour which arrived in Australia last week, bringing the band to NEWCASTLE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE on Monday night.

The tour will boast the original line-up, minus keyboard player and singer CHRISTINE McVIE who is pursuing a solo career.

``You never want to say it's better without her because, of course, it's not better without her.

She is my best friend,'' Nicks said.

``From the day I joined Fleetwood Mac she has been there and, all of a sudden, she's gone. There is a feminine power that I really miss.'' Nicks who has spent the last three years working on material for her latest solo album Shangri-La and Say You Will said McVie's absence resulted in Fleetwood Mac returning to its musical roots by becoming more guitar- based.

``It is more dramatic on stage.

``It has pushed Lindsey and I into a situation where there is no Christine to throw a third of the songs to.

``There is no Christine to take a third of the blame.

``We had to take up the torch. We had to take up the challenge. It's great. It's strong. It's fun.

It's electric. It's romantic.

`We have our love affair that goes on that stage for 2 1/2 hours every night. That goes on stage with us and stops when we come off.'' Tickets to Fleetwood Mac are available from TICKETEK on 4921 2121.

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