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Picture Now In Focus

Picture Now In Focus

Who: The Pictures
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Saturday February 14, 2004

IT would be foolish not to predict big things for Melbourne rock trio THE PICTURES .

In the past year The Pictures have been praised by British music bible NME , completed a brief tour of the UK with THE BLACK KEYS and had NOEL GALLAGHER demand a copy of their CD.

The band is set to complete its first Australian tour before returning to the UK to work on its debut album.

``We've finally got a record out that people are listening to and responding to, so we're as confident as you can be,'' drummer BRETT WOLFENDEN said.

``As long as you're making the music you want to make then that's all you can do and if people are responding well to it, then you just roll with it.'' The Pictures formed in 2000 with Wolfenden and YOU AM I 's DAVEY LANE, and were joined by bassist LUKE THOMAS in 2001.

``I met Dave when he had just joined You Am I, so it didn't really have anything to do with You Am I as far as our friendship goes.

``It was based around the music that we both liked listening to and we had similar interests.'' While touring had been low key up until now, Wolfenden said the band had been hard at work perfecting tunes for its debut self- titled EP which was released this month and included the track Ground Control .

It will be released in the UK through HUT RECORDS home to THE VERVE, SMASHING PUMPKINS and THE MUSIC. Wolfenden said the band was yet to decide on a producer for the album, but was considering an offer from OWEN MORRIS who produced OASIS ' albums Definitely Maybe and (What's The Story) Morning Glory? ``Owen Morris came along to a gig we did in Wales and afterwards he came up to us and said `that was better than the first time I saw Oasis'.

``He then said he'd like to produce our record and for him to say that it's pretty flattering.'' The Pictures will make their debut in Newcastle at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL on Saturday night.

``Our last Melbourne show was a full house and that's hopefully a sign of what's to come in 2004 but at this stage this is our first Australian tour and if there's one thing to learn it's to expect the unexpected.''

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