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Paul Kelly Set To Return To Us Before Too Long

Paul Kelly Set To Return To Us Before Too Long

Who: Paul Kelly
Where: Civic Theatre
When: Tuesday May 18, 2004

AFTER shying away from the Australian limelight to concentrate on tours of Canada, the US and the UK, PAUL KELLY is set for a welcome return.

Kelly has released a new album titled Ways & Means which was previewed at a series of intimate gigs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in late 2003.

``A lot of the songwriting for Ways & Means goes back to August 2002 . th. th. jamming once a week in a rehearsal room,'' Kelly said.

``I did a lot of walking around the neighbourhood over the next few months pounding out lyrics for the tunes in my brain.'' Kelly teamed up musicians PETER LUSCOMBE, BILL MACDONALD, DAN LUSCOMBE and DAN KELLY to write and record the album, surfacing with more than enough material for one album.

``We recorded 24 songs over three weeks and drank around 50 bottles of wine.'' The group which Kelly said had become known as THE BOON COMPANIONS continued to work on material while awaiting the album's release, collaborating on music for a film titled Missing Tom. ``We also recorded a theme song and nine tracks for Fireflies , a new television series which will commence screening on the ABC this month.'' Kelly best known for tunes like Dumb Things and Before Too Long will embark on a national tour in April, returning to the CIVIC THEATRE NEWCASTLE on May 18.

Kelly will be supported by DAN KELLY & THE ALPHA MALES.

Dan co-wrote material for the Ways & Means album.

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