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Radiators Fans Cry Gimme More

Radiators Fans Cry Gimme More

Who: The Radiators
Where: Cardiff Panthers
When: Friday December 17, 2004

FOR more than 25 years THE RADIATORS have had a reputation as one of Australia's hardest- working bands.

The Radiators made their debut at a Sydney pub in September 1978 and performed more than 320 shows in their first year.

The band has come a long way from playing small pubs with the likes of THE ANGELS and ROSE TATTOO. Spearheading the Australian pub rock scene in the early 1980s, The Radiators had national success with hits No Tragedy, Comin' Home and Life's A Gamble .

But Gimme Head is the long-time favourite of fans.

``That song has haunted us for the past 10 years,'' bass player and vocalist GEOFF TURNER said.

``It only took about five minutes to write and was meant as a light- hearted live piece but now we all have a love-hate relationship with it.

``Every time we try to drop it from our live set, we cop so much flak that it's just easier to give them what they want to hear.'' The band has kept its original line-up of BRIAN NICHOL on lead vocals, Turner and FESS PARKER on guitar and vocals.

Drummer MARK LUCAS is the only new addition to the band. He joined in 1990.

The Radiators released in August a 25-year anniversary album.

It to recognise the many hits they have produced.It was released in August this year and c celebrates their great music, exciting and sometimes controversial lyrics and more than 3000 live performances.

In that time the band has headlined shows and shared the stage with other great Aussie acts, such as AC/DC, MIDNIGHT OIL and INXS, playing to more than two thmillion people across Australia.

But despite the rigours of touring, the band insists it has not lost its spark.

The Radiators will perform at CARDIFF PANTHERS on Friday, December 17, from 8pm.

Tickets cost $15 and are on sale at the club.

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