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Touring Puts More Pep In The Step

Touring Puts More Pep In The Step

Who: Euphonic
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Friday December 3, 2004

TOURING can sometimes seem like a bit of a no-win situation for Sydney outfit EUPHONIC. The trio has embarked this year on the most extensive run of live dates in its eight-year history and is in the middle of its fifth east coast tour for the year.

``You get a bit sick of it because you get tired of being on the road but once you get off you just want to get on again,'' singer-songwriter PAUL CARPENTER laughed.

Euphonic has been hard at work since the release of its breakthrough EP, Everything About You, in April.

Carpenter said that after the band had spent most of the year on the road, it looked looked set to start recording a follow-up EP.

He said the band's constant tour schedule had also had a noticeable effect on his songwriting.

``I think being on tour has made us want to pep things up a bit more,'' Carpenter said.

``It has made us change the way we write because we are doing more live shows than we did in the past...so we're becoming more of a live band and we want to get that feeling onto our next record.'' Pre-production on tracks had started, with Carpenter describing the sound as ``a bit more rocky'' than previous efforts.

Euphonic will perform at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Saturday night.

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