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New Words and Sound for DyMyR

New Words and Sound for DyMyR

Who: DyMyR
Where: Morrow Park Bowling Club
When: Friday August 27, 2004

AFTER a five-month break, Newcastle musician DYMYR will unveil a new band and new material this weekend.

Dymyr, who previously performed as a soloist and with 1233 ABC NEWCASTLE MUSIC AWARD -winning duo THE LAVENDER HOUR, said he had been eagerly anticipating the show.

``I'm highly excited and without doubt, I feel this is the best material I've solely created in a long time,'' Dymyr said.

Dymyr started writing for the project five months ago.

It was the first time in about eight years that he had written by himself and he said he had a lot of new material behind him.

He said the songs dealt with the hardships and triumphs of getting by but were tinged with an uplifting message.

Dymyr has teamed with talented, multi- skilled musicians who add elements of electric guitar, saxophone, keyboards, violin, double bass, drums and percussion to the sound.

The band features RENDALL WAGNER, NATE DOWNIE, TIM MCARTNEY and BEN MCILROY. The five came together to rehearse just last month after Dymyr spent the months prior working one-on-one with each member.

``I've got a fantastic bunch of musicians behind me,'' Dymyr said.

``It's great to perform on your own but now there are five energies on stage so I feel like it is going to be something really spectacular.'' Dymyr said the band was set to record a demo soon.

Joining Dymyr and his band at Salarium will be guests LEANDRA 'N LUISA who incorporate two voices, acoustic guitar and Native American flute.

Catch the show at SALARIUM at MORROW PARK BOWLING CLUB on Friday, August 27 from 8.30pm.

Entry costs $8.

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