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Punk Trio Aims For Bigger and Better

Punk Trio Aims For Bigger and Better

Who: Blink 182, Sparts, Gyroscope
Where: Newcastle Entertainment Centre
When: Thursday September 2, 2004

MATURE has never been the kind of word used to describe Californian punk trio BLINK 182. Since the release of the band's breakthrough album Dude Ranch in 1997, much of Blink 182's career has been draped in an endless stream of toilet humour.

So when critics began labelling Blink 182's latest self-titled album as ``mature,'' it came as a shock.

``We really haven't changed that much other than our music,'' singer and guitarist TOM DELONGE said.

``But I guess that's what we do and that's what people are talking about, so therefore it's very important.'' He said the decision to graduate its sound was based on the idea that to become a bigger band, it had to become a better band.

DeLonge, with fellow members MARK HOPPUS (vocals/bass) and TRAVIS BARKER (drums), began listening to their favourite bands and soaked it up.

``We had a lot of influence from drum'n'bass, 80s music and from classic, legendary rock bands like The Who or The Beatles, The Police, The Cure.

``We'd spend a lot of time talking about what we liked that those bands did and trying to figure out how we could incorporate it into our style.

``It ended up being like a laboratory experiment that lasted almost a year inside of a house in San Diego.'' The band was lucky enough to have a helping hand from THE CURE frontman ROBERT SMITH who provided vocals on the track All of This. Blink 182 wrote the music and sent a tape to Smith in the UK and he added vocals to the verse.

``We waited for a few weeks and then all of a sudden it came back and we were like, `Oh, this is the best thing that's ever happened in the world','' DeLonge laughed.

``So we ran away as fast as we could with that CD so he could never take it back.

``We took it down to the factory and said, `Make the CD, quick'.'' Blink 182 arrives in the country this week to complete an Australian tour which was cut short earlier this year after Barker broke his foot.

Catch Blink 182 live at NEWCASTLE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE on Thursday, September 2 with SPARTA and GYROSCOPE. Tickets are available from TICKETEK on 4921 th2121 or via www.ticketek.com.au

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