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Hop On In To See The Hoods

Hop On In To See The Hoods

Who: Steven Glover
What: Jackass
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Friday April 23, 2004

SINCE he began his DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME TOUR in 2002, STEVE O has endured more than his fair share of injuries most of which have been self-inflicted.

He has stapled various parts of his body and his hair has been set on fire many times.

Steve O, whose real name is STEPHEN GLOVER, has also been arrested for indecent exposure and a variety of other crimes during the tour which has taken him as far as Iceland and Jamaica.

On the back of sell-outs in the US, Mexico and Canada, the Jackass star has brought his Don't Try This at Home Tour to Australia for the first time and will appear at CIVIC THEATRE NEWCASTLE on Saturday night.

When the Australian leg of the tour wraps up next week, Steve O will take the tour to Canada.

``This is going to be a Don't Try This At Home Tour record,'' Steve O said on his website.

``It's going to be 35 shows in less than two months.

``I'll be just as covered in blood every single night, I know that for sure.'' For those who question Steve O's ability to devise new stunts, rest assured he has plenty more.

``The shows will be rad, we've got some cool new tricks,'' he said.

PRESTON LACEY was originally meant to join Steve O on the Australian tour but he will now be joined by his co-host from the MTV show Wild Boyz, CHRIS PONTIUS aka PARTY BOY. Steve O will also be joined by the popular WEEMAN. Tickets are on sale from TICKETEK on 49212121.

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