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Solace Found In Album

Solace Found In Album

Who: Xavier Rudd
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday April 8, 2004

BEING a one-man band makes it easy for XAVIER RUDD to travel the world.

The Australian multi- instrumentalist he plays guitar, banjo, drums, didgeridoo and does vocals is heading to Canada this month for a string of dates after he fulfils touring commitments at home.

Rudd's whirlwind tour co- incides with his debut, major- label album release.

Titled Solace, the album was released on March 28 and, like previous recordings, every track on the album was recorded in the studio.

lw-7 ``The album is called Solace , which is a word that reflects on finding light in the dark,'' Rudd said. ``It's kinda like what we were talking about before, finding peace away from the bullshit.

``Through things like music and trees and mountains and oceans and other things we encounter in our everyday lives.

``I recorded Solace live in the studio, about a quarter of it at home and the rest in Vancouver at the end of my tour there this year. ``This time around, I didn't have any guests along but I did overdub some percussion, some slide guitar and some banjo.'' Solace features 14 tracks including the singles Let Me Be and Shelter. Rudd will play at the BAR ON THE HILL tomorrow night before he heads to Byron Bay's EAST COAST BLUES AND ROOTS MUSIC FESTIVAL. Then it's off to Canada for a variety of venues and festivals.

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