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Moving Sound

Moving Sound

Who: Vanlustbader
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Thursday April 22, 2004

ANYTHING goes when it comes to creating music in the VANLUSTBADER camp.

Based in Brisbane, Vanlustbader was formed in 2002 by three core members, SHANE, GREG and TERRY. Guitarist and vocalist Shane said each member draws influence from a diverse range of styles which combine to create what he describes as ``disco punk.'' ``I know every band says it, but it's very hard to pigeonhole what we do,'' Shane said.

``But that's what we wanted from the band. We can go into the studio and be open to anything really.'' He said comparisons to PRIMAL SCREAM and the HAPPY MONDAYS are fair, but don't capture the entire spectrum of what the band has to offer.

``You could just say that we make music that is built to move to.'' While Vanlustbader is essentially comprised of three core members, the live show includes additional musicians on bass and drums.

Vanlustbader the name is taken from author ERIC VAN LUSTBADER released the debut EP Power Makes Sense, featuring the TRIPLE J favourite It's All About and the follow-up single, All You People. Five tracks were recorded over the course of a few days with legendary producer MAGOO.

Vanlustbader is on the road to celebrate the EP release with their first East Coast tour, stopping in Newcastle at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL tomorrow night.

The tour began in Adelaide last Friday and will finish up in Byron Bay on April 25.

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