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Review by Jade Lazarevic

Review by Jade Lazarevic

What: The Alternative Album
Author: Jade Lazarevic

AS far as compilation albums go, this would have to be one of the better ones of 2003.

The majority of this album is made up of UK artists and boasts a pretty inviting list of names including COLDPLAY, GOMEZ and RADIOHEAD.

A total of 18 tracks make up the album and from the opening track ( THE DOVES ' Catch The Sun ) to the closing track ( THE CRESCENT 's Parallel ), this collection hits the mark.

The albums offers a good variety of tunes from a spaced-out live version of RADIOHEAD 's Everything In It's Right Place to THE BETA BAND 's mystical Dr Baker.

Amongst the Brits, Australia's own THE VINES make an appearance with Ain't No More which is one of the stand-out moments from their debut album Highly Evolved .

RICHARD ASHCROFT makes a double appearance on the album.

It includes his solo work ( Bright Lights ) as well as his work with his former band THE VERVE ( Lucky Man ).

Described as ``full-on tracks from the best guitar bands around'', the album keeps its promise and churns out plenty of top rockers.

It also includes THE DANDY WARHOL 's Boys Better , SUPERGRASS ' Pumping On Your Stereo , PLACEBO 's They Don't Care About Us , BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB 's Reds Eyes and Tears and THE MUSIC 's Getaway .

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