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Punk That You Can Dance To

Punk That You Can Dance To

Who: Gerling
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday September 4, 2003

THOSE genre-defying boys from GERLING are back with their latest offering BadBlood!!! , an album that the trio describes as ``punk music you can dance to''.

The electronic edge that the band is renowned for has remained intact but according to BURKE REID , the album's sound offers something grittier and more abrasive.

``We started basing the songs around more of that grittier sound but I also think it had a lot to do with the equipment we had which was just a couple of mikes and a keyboard,'' Reid said.

``It was very limiting in the sense and didn't allow us to get a really slick.

It just sounds more raw - it sounds more like we do live and that's what we wanted.

'' The album was recorded at Gerling's own G.E.R.L.O.G STUDIOS in Sydney and was entirely written, recorded and performed by the band.

``It was good having a studio ourselves because we recorded it all and we were able to experiment around and try new things.

``It's got that do-it- yourself attitude toward it and its aggressive and abrasive but I think you can still put it on and turn it up loud and dance around the room to it.

'' Unlike its predecessor When Young Terrorists Chase the Sun , which featured guest vocalists KYLIE MINOGUE and KOOL KEITH , BadBlood!!! strictly relies on Gerling's own vocal talents.

``We made a conscious effort not to bring in any guest vocalists because we really wanted Darren's voice on it all the way through to tie the album together.

``There were times where we weren't able to perform the tracks live and it sounded stupid we tried.

'' BadBlood!!! was released on August 18 and Gerling will perform tracks from the new album at the BAR ON THE HILL tomorrow from 7.30pm.

Tickets are available on campus from CONTACT or at the door.

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