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Thirsty Sound Solidified

Thirsty Sound Solidified

Who: Thirsty Merc, Starpark
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday September 20, 2003

WHEN Sydney-based songwriter RAI THISTLEWAYTE was looking to form a band, he found that the answer was right in front of him.

``I was friends with the bass player PHIL STACK and he was living with two guys who played guitar and drums,'' Thistlewayte said.

``I has been thinking about forming a band and I asked him about it tentatively, not knowing what he'd say, and Phil told me that he had been thinking about the exact same thing.

'' After a few sessions, the four-piece realised that it had something, and formed THIRSTY MERC.

Driven by a variety of i luences, each member of the band has a common goal of creating melodic rock.

``We mainly like strong ideas and melodies.

``We like classic rock bands like LED ZEPPELIN and melodic acts like THE BEATLES with that '60s edge, but we also love bands like FOO FIGHTERS and COLDPLAY .

'' The sound of Thirsty Merc can be heard on the band's debut EP First Work , which sold out at the band's EP launch at the ANNANDALE HOTEL earlier this month.

Thistlewayte said the band will road test its material before it heads into the studio to work on an album.

``We like to get our tracks ready by playing them live as much as possible because that is where they start to sit well with us and the audience and take on their own energy,'' he said.

``I think these upcoming shows will help solidify what goes on the album.

'' Thirsty Merc will make its debut in Newcastle at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Saturday night with STARPARK .

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