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It's a Long Way, But He Made It

It's a Long Way, But He Made It

Who: Pete Murray, Election Day
Where: Salar Couch Cafe
When: Wednesday September 10, 2003

MELBOURNE based singer- songwriter PETE MURRAY knows a thing or two about hard work.

Born and bred in Brisbane, Murray spent a decade working as an independent musician before be landed a recording contract with SONY MUSIC in late 2002.

But the deal didn't fall straight into Murray's hands.

He performed around Brisbane for years before he decided to tackle Melbourne's thriving live music scene and record an album.

Titled The Game , the album was picked up by a Sony employee who presented it to the label.

But Murray maintains that he is proud of his roots.

``I'm proud that I released The Game independently, but it takes it out of you,'' Murray said.

``It also gives you that credibility you sometimes don't have you're instantly signed to a major label.

``People give you some respect for what you've done, how many years you've been doing it and everything you've done to get where you are.

``I'm glad I've done it that way but it's been bloody hard.

'' Since being picked up by Sony, Murray has shown promise in becoming one of the hottest names in the Australian music industry with his album Feeler winning over both fans and critics.

He has received airplay on major commercial radio stations such as TRIPLE M and NOVA but he has also had air play on stations such as TRIPLE J .

Although music is now his main focus, Murray originally set his sights on a career in sport but changed his mind after a series of injuries.

``A mate of mine had some spare time and told me he was going to learn guitar,'' Murray said.

``I thought it was a good idea, even though I didn't even know how many strings there are on a guitar.

``I started playing and I loved it.

'' Murray will perform with his band at SALARIUM COUCH BAR tonight from 7pm with support from local act ELECTION DAY.

Entry is $8.

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