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Countdown To Album Launch

Countdown To Album Launch

What: Independence: Volume One

A FIVE-year dream was realised in July when BY DESIGN RECORDS released its first album Independence: Volume One .

The Newcastle-based record label is the result of a continuing ambition from label manager NICK STRANGE.

``I have always had aspirations of owning and running a label and during the last five years I guess I've been preparing for it all and making the funds to launch a full- on label,'' Strange said.

``Another thing I've wanted to do for a long time is to help all of Australia's up-and-coming bands and artists.

``We thought it would be appropriate to instigate a program allowing these up-comers to have the opportunity to be featured on a compilation with more established, better known acts.

'' Independence: Volume One, features the work of recognised acts from Australia alongside newcomers.

It features the likes of SKULKER, BLUEBOTTLE KISS, GENEVIEVE MAYNARD and RHUBARB and unsigned acts like Newcastle's own TONE ORANGE and COTTON SIDEWALK.

``We received a heap of submissions earlier this year, mainly from unsigned groups, of which we decided to include six of the artists on the compilation.

``We judged these groups on their consistency in song writing and recording of quality music while possessing a professional attitude.

'' By Design Records will host the official launch of Independence: Volume One at SALARIUM COUCH BAR on Saturday from 7pm with performances from RUMANASTONE, THE BLEND and Cotton Sidewalk.

A second launch will be at the HOPETOUN HOTEL in Surry Hills on Tuesday.

Strange said the label is planning the next volume of the Independence album series.

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