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Silverchair Live Recordings

Silverchair Live Recordings

Who: Silverchair

SILVERCHAIR fans will have the chance to relive the trio's Across the Night tour when the band releases a new double live album and DVD next month.

Titled Live From Faraway Stables , the release will feature two CDs and two DVDs capturing Silverchair's concerts at CIVIC THEATRE NEWCASTLE earlier this year.

As with all the theatre shows on the Across The Night tour, the 24-track album is split across two discs featuring both the band's experimental styles and its early hard rock roots.

``We spent a lot of time reworking some of the older songs before this tour so the live versions of those ones sound really d ferent from the original studio recordings,'' drummer BEN GILLIES said.

``It'll be good to have these reworked versions available because not only are the arrangements d ferent, in many cases the entire feel of the song has changed.

'' It is Silverchair's first live album and songwriter and frontman DANIEL JOHNS said he was pleased by the release.

``I'm not usually a fan of live albums which is why I've never wanted to do one before now,'' Johns said.

``But this tour was just so much fun it seemed a pity not to make it available to people particularly now that you can mix it in surround sound to make it feel almost like a real show.

'' The DVDs have been remixed in surround sound by NICK LAUNAY, who produced Silverchair's Neon Ballroom and Freak Show albums, and promise to truly capture the live sound of the concert experience.

Live From Faraway Stables will be in stores from November 10.

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