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Graney Soars on Raw Creation

Graney Soars on Raw Creation

Who: Dave Graney
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday November 8, 2003

WHEN DAVE GRANEY teamed up with his old band THE MOODISTS for a reunion gig earlier this year, it created a source of inspiration for his latest album.

The Moodist's raw sound was embraced by Graney on THE ROYAL DAVE GRANEY SHOW 's new album The Brother Who Lived .

``A lot of this album was affected by doing the show with The Moodists,'' Graney said.

``It had been about 18 years since we played together and it was very exciting.

The music was very raw and very loud it was like getting on a jet plane.

'' The album showcases Graney's spark for songwriting on tracks which he describes as ``about demons, the endless time and space that is midnight to dawn, artists who play like millionaires'' and more.

``This record has a lot of ideas and energy on it that we are hoping to get out to people.

``if anybody asks me what record would be a good one to have, I'd say this one because I have really enjoyed making it and I think it has a lot of l e.

'' The album is Graney's fourth release with the band and was recorded in what has become one of Graney's most creative years to date.

As well as The Brother Who Lived , Graney also wrote and recorded the soundtrack to the film Bad Eggs with long-time musical collaborator CLARE MOORE .

The album won the pair an ARIA award nomination and uncovered a new passion for Graney.

``I really enjoyed recording the soundtrack to Bad Eggs .

I would definitely like to do some soundtrack work again in the future.

'' The Royal Dave Graney Show will launch its new album at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Saturday night.

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