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Punk Rockers Hit The East

Punk Rockers Hit The East

Who: Gyroscope, The Living End, The Cassanovas
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Saturday November 8, 2003

PERTH has proved to be a premier breeding ground for some of Australia's best young bands.

The state has produced a variety of successful acts over the years including JEBEDIAH, ESKIMO JOE and, more recently, THE SLEEPY JACKSON .

Another one to watch out for is punk-pop four piece GYROSCOPE, who will support THE LIVING END at CLUBNOVA PANTHERS NEWCASTLE on Saturday night.

Gyroscope guitarist DAN SANDERS said he believes the reason for Perth's booming music scene is because of the high level of support provided in their hometown.

``We don't get so many bands through, so we kind of just plod along at our own pace and do our own thing,'' Sanders aid.

`` THE FERGUSONS , Sleepy Jackson and, prior to us, Jebediah and Eskimo Joe all our mentors have all done it from Perth.

``Just lately, there has been a buzz, and I think that's the best thing for Perth music you know, not being a hero or anything, but for bands just looking up at Gyroscope and going `Wow, they've done it'.

'' Sanders said bands like Jebediah, who have gone on to achieve national success, have been a driving i luence for the band.

``Because I know that happened for us with Jebs, we saw that, and went `We can do it.

you work hard enough, it's possible'.

'' Gyroscope has already shown much of the same promise by supporting US act LESS THAN JAKE and completing a national tour with ANTISKEPTIC and THINKTANK .

The band's latest single Doctor Doctor is out now.

Tickets to The Living End, Gyroscope and THE CASANOVAS are available from the club on 4929 th7555.

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