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Little Missy Can't Be Wrong

Little Missy Can't Be Wrong

Who: Missy Higgins, George
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Friday November 28, 2003

AT 20, MISSY HIGGINS has achieved more than many of us could dream of in an entire l etime.

She won TRIPLE J UNEARTHED in Year 12, secured a record deal before she completed high school and has supported the likes of THE WA S and JOHN BUTLER TRIO .

Higgins released her debut EP to a positive response in October and is set to tour with GEORGE this month.

To many, her career would appear to be too good to be true but according to the singer-songwriter from Melbourne, much of it has taken her by surprise too.

``When I was signed I only had about five songs,'' Higgins said.

``It was so bizarre because everyone was putting in their preferences for university and I never thought I'd ever be able to be a full-time musician I always thought it would be something I did on the side.

``My sister entered me in Unearthed but I never thought anyone was going to hear my music and then I won and had a record deal it kind of all happened before I had the chance to really want it.

'' Following the Unearthed win, Higgins spent a year backpacking throughout Europe before she returned to Australia and began writing.

The Missy Higgins EP was released and she has been making constant trips between Australia and the US where she is scouting for a producer.

to work with on her debut album.

Higgins said she has at least four albums worth of material and will head into the studio in February.

Until then, Higgins will support George on the STILL REAL TOUR which will arrive at CLUBNOVA PANTHERS NEWCASTLE PANTHERS on November 28.

Bookings can be made on 4929 7555.

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