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Write Approach For Fans

Write Approach For Fans

Who: 28 Days
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Thursday November 13, 2003

28 DAYS fans can expect a new album from the band early in the new year.

The Melbourne five-piece has been busy writing new material for its forthcoming album that will follow the release of the debut Upstyledown and the 2002 release Stealing Chairs.

Guitarist SIMON HEBURN said he felt the band was going through its most productive songwriting period to date.

``We've been writing flat out for the past three months,'' Heburn said.

``We've got about 30 songs at the moment so we've been going pretty crazy lately and writing a lot.

'' Such a successful songwriting period has proved that the band has finally recovered from the death of drummer SCOTT MURRAY, who was killed in a car accident in 2001.

Murray was replaced by another drummer who has since left the group and then replaced by MATTY BRAY .

Heburn said Bray, who comes from a funk background, has brought a new element to the band.

``We've had some tough times in the past couple of years but we've worked it out and got a new drummer and things seems to have really settled.

``We were a bit sketchy after Scotty passed away but the band feels comfortable again with Matty on board.

'' Heburn said the band had begun demo-ing songs for the next album and was looking forward road-testing new songs during a brief tour which will arrive at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL tomorrow night.

``We're going to play about four or five new songs on the tour and see how they go down,'' Heburn said.

``We have already played a few live and they went down really well even though we were a bit nervous.

'' Entry is $22 at the door.

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