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Tough In It's Basics

Tough In It's Basics

Who: Magic Dirt, Burning Brides
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday November 14, 2003

IT was time to go back to basics when MAGIC DIRT returned to the studio earlier this year to record its fourth album Tough Love.

Determined to create an album offering a live sound, the band resisted the temptation of modern technology and took a simple approach .

``We wanted to be very particular in how we did the record,'' bassist DEAN TURNER said.

``The sound needed to be quite live and we spent a lot of time doing things the real way so we didn't have to correct it with a computer.

'' Although the process was time consuming, Turner said the band was happy with the result.

``It was mentally very hard to be in the studio working so long but we chose to do it like that because our favourite records sound that way and I think people get a little too dependent on computers these days.

'' After three months of recording at Melbourne's BIRDLAND STUDIOS , the band emerged with Tough Love .

As the title suggests, the album is has a running theme of love and relationships.

``Adalita did all the writing for the record and naturally a lot of the songs were about personal relationships so we decided that was something we wanted to explore with the whole album .

'' Tough Love follows the release of Magic Dirt's last album What Are Rock Stars Doing Today?, which spawned the hits Dirty Jeans, Soopaglue and City Trash .

Magic Dirt will perform at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL on Saturday night with US trio BURNING BRIDES .

Tickets are $18 on the door.

Following the tour, Magic Dirt will perform at HOMEBAKE at THE DOMAIN on December 6 and join the BIG DAY OUT in early 2004.

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