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Versatile Musician A Blast

Versatile Musician A Blast

Who: Xavier Rudd
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday November 14, 2003

WHEN XAVIER RUDD first began to master the didgeridoo, he had to make the most of what was available in his family home.

``I started playing on the family vacuum cleaner when I was eight or nine,'' Rudd said.

``I'd always had a fascination with it.

I'd heard didge now and then, and the vacuum cleaner was tubular.

It took a while before I could circular breathe and play it properly.

'' Rudd has since found himself a real didgeridoo and mastered guitar to become Australia's most diverse one-man-band delivering a mix of folk, roots and world music styles.

Rudd simultaneously plays lap steel guitar, stomp box and didgeridoo, a process he admits is complicated.

``It's tricky initially, but it gets easier.

'' Rudd has tackled the problem by making a special stand which holds several of his didgeridoos at once.

He said that he has considered forming a band to help widen his sound.

From Victoria, Rudd has spent the past three years tirelessly touring Australia and Canada.

He completed his first tour of the US this year where he performed at the PHILADELPHIA FOLK FESTIVAL and at a benefit gig in Cal ornia alongside JACK JOHNSON and G. LOVE.

Following the release of his last album To Let, Rudd has embarked on a tour in the lead up to the release of his new album Solaris which is set for release in early 2004.

Rudd will perform at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL on Friday night.

and the WOODFORD FOLK FESTIVAL and THE FALLS festivals later this year.

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