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Cadd Is The Real Thing

Cadd Is The Real Thing

Who: Brian Cadd
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Thursday November 20, 2003

WHEN BRIAN CADD established himself as one of Australia's first ``album artists,'' he had no idea that his work would transcend four decades.

Since the successful LONG WAY TO THE TOP tour earlier this year, Cadd has found that plenty of young fans are coming along to his shows.

``They're either people who grew up with us or the people who grew up with the people who grew up with us,'' Cadd said.

``With Long Way to the Top, we would talk to kids in the street after the show and they'd say, `We grew up on this stuff.

Our parents played all this when we were kids and we got to like it all'.

'' Raised in Perth, Cadd began studying piano at the age of 10 and went on to win a TV talent quest at 12 which resulted in an offer to become the pianist in a junior band on a children's program.

After moving to Melbourne, Cadd became heavily involved in the city's music scene and formed his first band named the BEALE STREET JAZZ CLUB .

He went on to form R'n'B outfit GROOP , the band in which Cadd developed his talent as a songwriter.

In 1969, Cadd and his songwriting partner DON MUDIE left Groop to join the band AXIOM.

The band stayed in Australia only long enough to record and release an album before trying their luck in the UK.

Cadd had already had a taste of success in the UK when MA RED MANN singer PAUL JONES recorded his track When I Was Six Years Old .

After a two year attempt to gain attention, Axiom split and Cadd returned to Australia and worked closely alongside RUSSELL MORRIS .

He appeared on Morris's biggest hit The Real Thing and also performed backing vocals on Morris's Bloodstone album.

He penned the hit Live With Friends and acted as his musical director for a tour supporting the BEE GEES .

Cadd began to focus on his own music career in 1971 when he re-teamed with Mudie to record the hit Show Me The Way which was followed by Rolling And Tumbling Down .

He also wrote and recorded three solo tracks for the soundtrack to the surf movie Morning Of The Earth .

His solo career took off with the release of the single Ginger Man in October 1972.

A successful touring career saw Cadd become one of Australia's most popular artists and all of his albums climbed into the Top 10.

As well as penning his own hits, he earned a reputation as a talented songwriter by writing for the likes of JOE COCKER, RINGO STARR, THE POINTER SISTERS, GLEN CAMPBELL, CILLA BLACK and BONNIE TYLER.

He achieved recognition as a songwriter rather than for his own recordings and after six years in Nashville, Cadd began to make regular trips back to Australia to perform.

He released an album and toured as the BLAZING SALADS with GLENN SHORROCK and formed a performing partnership with fellow Australian rocker MAX MERRITT.

Cadd has since returned to Australia and has written a Bachelor of Music degree course which has been adopted by several institutions around Australia including GR FITH UNIVERSITY where he lectures.

``if a person has the basic vibe then you can teach them to write a better song than they normally would.

``It's exactly the same for people who teach creative writing.

Nobody can teach someone how to come up with an idea but, given the idea, you can show them what to do with it.

'' He will perform at CLUBNOVA PANTHERS NEWCASTLE on November 20.

Tickets are $22 and bookings can be made from the club on 4926 th2700.

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