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Who: Groove Terminator
Where: The Star Hotel
When: Saturday May 10, 2003

IN terms of highlight moments, Sydney DJ and producer Groove Terminator has already had more than his fair share in 2003.

He welcomed to New Year with a set at the Falls Festival and recently wrapped up a national tour with Moby.

``The dates with Moby have been the biggest highlight for me,'' GT said.

``Playing at the Hordern Pavilion has been a dream of mine for a long time and getting to do that was really cool.

``Moby's band like to have a good time so there were plenty of late night .



it felt like we were on the road for six months even though it was only about a week.

'' Also joining GT on tour was Newcastle singer Amy Vee, a local singer and songwriter who is also a member of electronic act On (formerly On Inc).

The huge year follows the release of GT's second album Electrifyin' Mojo which followed the release of his ARIA nominated debut Road Kill.

GT originally made his name as a DJ before he moved into the studio to produce his own tracks.

Road Kill produced the hit singles Here Comes Another One and One More Time while Electrifyin' Mojo offered This is Not a Love Song and Brand New Day.

Listeners may have noted a shift in styles from GT as he approached the album with the aim of creating music which was more ``song driven.

'' ``It tends to be that the songs that stand the test of time are more song driven and I just wanted to concentrate a bit more on that.

'' GT will perform at Boompty Boomp at Star Newcastle on Saturday night and said punters can expect to hear a few new ideas.

``My set will have a bit of a mixture.

There are a few things I'm road testing at the moment and there are tracks of mine which are included in the set so it will be bibs and bobs basically.

Doors open at 10pm and pre sale tickets are $15 from PDMS, Ramjet and the Star or $20 on the door.

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