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WHEN The Sex Pistols

WHEN The Sex Pistols

Who: Cog
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday March 27, 2003

WHEN The Sex Pistols' John Lyndon teamed up to record with UK dance act Leftfield, the union raised a few eyebrows.Now Australia rock trio Cog has done the same thing by surprising fans with a cover version of the Leftfield/Lyndon hit Open Up.The song has been a popular part of Cog's live set for the past year and was recorded by the band to be released as its new single eariler this month.``We had wanted to do a cover song and Open Up was the only one we could

all agree on,'' bassist Luke Gower said.``It was like a challenge to do a dance song live as a band, but it seems to work well with us and gets a good response.''

Touring has been a big part of the Cog lifestyle for the past couple of years, with the band clocking up more than 100,000kms on its tour bus.Out on the road once again, Cog will perform at Newcastle University's Bar On the Hill tomorrow night with Brace and Go

To Bed Jessica.It will be the last tour before the band gets into some serious songwriting to prepare for the release of its debut album.``We're concentrating on writing this year, because the past two years have been pretty full on in terms of touring.''

``Writing takes a while but we've knuckled down and it's all starting to flow out nicely.''Gower said the band hopes to release an album by early 2004.Entry to tomorrow night's

gig is $5 for students or $10 for guests and tickets are available on campus from Contact.

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