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Who: Gerling

IF you've seen the boys from GERLING live lately, you'll be familiar with most of the tracks on this new EP.

Released as a teaser to the forthcoming album Bad Blood, Who's Your Daddy? it's more of the good stuff that fans have grown to love.

Overall, the five-track EP proves that the technotic trio has delved even deeper into electronica.

The tracks aren't short on whirling sounds and beats, topped off with robotic vocals and some quirky samples.

Who's Your Daddy? has become a crowd favourite already with its catchy chorus.

Track two is even more fun.

Titled Deep Fryer (Ole!), it has been doing the rounds for a couple of years but has only now found its way onto disc.

Layered with a stream of cliched Mexican samples, the track is a spaced out Mexican-cum-dance tune complete with cheers of "Ole".

The lyrics are just as silly, including the favourite "Me and donkey were riding through the desert/When we came across a little lizard".

Who's Your Daddy? is pure Gerling madness!

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