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The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

Who: The Butterfly Effect, Frenzal Rhomb, Antiskeptic, Supersonic, Snap to Zero
What: Sobriety 6
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Friday April 4, 2003

MAKING a name for yourself would have to be the toughest part of being in a band.Newcomers who dream of world domination are usually left facing dismal crowd numbers with limited levels of interest.So it would be

understandable for Brisbane four piece The Butterfly Effect to expect much of the same teething problems.But since forming at Brisbane's Kelvin Grove High School in 1999, The Butterfly Effect has been going from strength to strength.Since embarking on its first round of major tours in late 2001, the band literally hasn't had time to stop.But according to the

band's guitarist Kurt Goedhart, that's how they like it.``The greatest thing from touring is just the growth,'' Goedhart said.``Everytime we go out, the crowd numbers are constantly going up and that has been the best experience for us.''Offering a sound moving between metal and hard rock, the band released its debut EP Crave in November 2001.The EP climbed to No. 1

on the National AIR Charts and was re-released in 2002 after the band was signed to Roadshow Music.The rest has been a whirlwind and seen the band appear at many of the country's biggest music festivals including Livid, Homebake, The Falls and Big Day Out.``The Big Day Out was

our first big festival and that was crazy because we had never played to even a quarter of that amount of people before.``We were the first act of the day, so we were expecting maybe 100 or 200 people there but we came out to a packed tent - it was amazing.''While Goedhart admits that touring has paid off, it

does have its drawbacks.He estimates that he has spent two of the year's 12 months at home.``We've been doing tour after tour, but it's a lot of fun and I really don't think we'd have it any other way.The band is out on the road once again to support Grinspoon and 28 Days on a 10 date tour throughout

April.Before kicking off the tour, The Butterfly Effect will return to Newcastle to perform at this year's huge Sobriety 6 concert at ClubNova Panthers Newcastle.It will be the band's third trip to Newcastle and its last before putting the finishing touches to its forthcoming debut album.``I can't really label the album as yet or give it a theme but it is definitely about moods and it's going to be quite heavy.``It's a pretty dynamic record and quite extreme and it will be a lot more

diverse than anything we've done before that's for sure.``So hopefully the rest of Australia's going to love it just as much as we do.''The Butterfly Effect will join Frenzal Rhomb, Antiskeptic, Supersonic and Snap to Zero for Sobriety 6 at ClubNova Panthers Newcastle on April 4.Tickets are $22 and available at the club,

Sound World, Wild Surf Co or phonecharge on 4929 7555.

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