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Bluebottle Kiss

Bluebottle Kiss

Who: Bluebottle Kiss
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday March 22, 2003

THEY were here for the NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY O-BALL last month and they're already preparing to head our way again.

Sydney band BLUEBOTTLE KISS will return to Newcastle on Saturday night to perform at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL.

While fans may have become accustomed to regular tours from the band, frontman JAMIE HUTCHINGS said the latest tour would be the last for a while.

"These shows will be the last ones we are going to do for a pretty long time," Hutchings said.

"We're going over to America in July, so our next shows at home probably won't be until August or September."

The band is also looking at a tour of the UK before returning to Australia.

Stepping away from the limelight will also give the band a chance to begin work on its next album, which will follow up the 2002 release Revenge Is Slow.

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