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Who: The Hard Ons
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday March 20, 2003

AMIDST the fresh young bands coming through the punk rock scene, there has been one band who has acted as a blue print for the many newcomers.Starting out in 1981 at Sydney's Punchbowl High School, The Hard-Ons have become one of the most influential bands on the underground scene.

And it's not just newcomers - big names like Henry Rollins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radio Birdman and Joey from the Ramones have all nominated themselves as fans.The FOO FIGHTERS

frontman DAVE GROHL is one of many fans and showed his support when his band was supported by The Hard Ons in January.erforming at

Melbourne's Festival Hall, Grohl joined The Hard-Ons on stage for a rendition of MOTORHEAD's track Ace of Spades. Fresh from a jaunt on the Big Day Out tour, The Hard Ons are back to release their latest album titled Very Exciting.Older fans can relish in the fact the the album has been heralded as a return

to the band's punk rock glory days.The Hard Ons are celebrating with a series of dates around the country and will perform at Newcastle University's Bar On the Hill tomorrow

night.They will be joined by Front End Loader, Further and The Creeping Jesus.Tickets are available on campus from Contact for $6 for students or $12 for guests.

Very Exciting was released on Monday.

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