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Rick Price

Rick Price

Who: Rick Price
Where: Soldiers Point Bowling Club
When: Friday July 18, 2003

A DECADE ago,  RICK PRICE  was the name on everybody's lips.

The singer-songwriter made a sudden impact on the Australian pop charts and held the No.

1 position for a successive number of weeks.

But today, Price prefers to avoid the spotlight and is happy with his current level of recognition.

``I'm not this young guy any more with long hair doing the high pop notes,'' Price said.

``I like where I'm at now, things feel better as I get older, my music feels better.

``At heart I'm not a celebrity or a public person, I like this life just as much now.

'' Price's life is comparatively calmer than the buzz that surrounded him after his phenomenal debut with the singleif Not a Day Goes By in 1992.

For the past few years, Price has divided his time between Australia and the US writing for other musicians and continuing to perform across the country.

Price has also found time to pen tunes for his latest album ifA Million Miles which is set for release this year.

The album has also seen Price tackle the project as a completely solo effort by writing, recording and performing the entire album himself.

As well as performing piano and guitar, Price has also handled every other instrument including harmonica, drums and mandolin.

``I haven't really played drums since I was young so this has a youthful garage feel in a couple of tracks.

``It's not as pop as the early days but it's impossible for me to categorise the style, I don't know.

'' Price grew up in a small country town outside of Brisbane and made his move to the big city where he was lucky enough to find fame.

``I was this kid from the bush who played the guitar when other guys were out playing rugby; I was in a band at nine playing at country dances.

``I loved being with a big record company like Sony because I got to travel the world and hear my songs on radio.

'' His first two singles ifNot a Day Goes By  and ifHeaven Knows  were two of the country's biggest hits in 1992 and his debut album followed suit by climbing to the top position.

Price cemented his status as the country's most popular male artist with three  ARIA  nominations and numerousBF AUSTRALIAN MUSIC AWARDS.

NF The ifHeaven Knows  single also achieved Top 40 status throughout Europe and the album achieved platinum status throughout Australia and South East Asia.

In 1995 he released the follow up album ifTambourine Mountain, an album that Price likens to the direction of his forthcoming new release.

``I think my latest album is a lot like that one in that it's so personal.

``I only write about relationship and emotional stuff.

'' ifA Million Miles  is set for release next month.

Catch Price performing at  SOLDIERS POINT BOWLING CLUB  on July 17,  PHOENIX SPORTS CLUB  on July 18,  BELMONT 16FT SAILING CLUB on July 19 and  HEXHAM BOWLING CLUB  on July 20.

Contact the clubs for bookings.

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