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All Over the Shop and Hot to Trot

All Over the Shop and Hot to Trot

Who: Jimeoin
Where: Civic Theatre
When: Saturday July 19, 2003

AUSTRALIA'S favourite Irish comic  JIMEOIN  reckons fans can expect one hell of a show when he lands in Newcastle next week.

``I've been on tour for 3sfr1/2ntsD three and a half nte months now, so I'm hot to trot,'' Jimeoin said.

``We've nearly finished the tour and my last gig is in Newcastle, so it should be a good show because it's been a while since I was there.

'' Jimeoin kicked off his  ALL OVER THE SHOP TOUR  at the  BIG LAUGH FESTIVAL  in March following a sell out tour of the UK and Edinburgh.

And like his overseas jaunt, each one of his Australian dates has sold out.

Jimeoin will return to the  CIVIC THEATRE NEWCASTLE on July 19.

``It has been the biggest tour.

I think I've appeared to over 70,000 people.

'' Following his Australian tour, Jimeoin will complete a short tour of the UK and the US before returning to home soil to begin work on his latest movie.

Titled ifThe Extra , it will be Jimeoin's second stint on the big screen following his debut in the comedy ifThe Craic in 1999.

Jimeoin will star in the main role which tells the tale of a wannabe actor who tries to crack the big time.

``We'll start that in October and film it in Australia but it won't be out for another year,'' he said.

``I've written it as well.

It's my masterpiece.

'' Jimeoin has also released a new DVD which was recorded live in Dublin.

``There are a few extras on the DVD like special commentary from my Mum .



well no, there isn't but I'll make sure she does some the next time I do one.

'' Tickets to Jimeoin are on sale at the theatre on 49291977.

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